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Jan Scott's Macca VIP LOVE Weekend Report
(June 10 - 13, 2011)
photos by Coni Rodgers

    Our plane got into Vegas around noon on Friday, June 10, so we had some time to kill before we could check in at our luxurious Vegas resort, the Riviera Hotel Casino, which is just a monorail stop from the Sahara, where the Beatles stayed and did a concert "in the day." The Sahara has recently closed, which is sad, but Iím glad I got to see it on earlier visits. After check-in, we wanted to take an hourís siesta, since we knew weíd have a late night, but who could sleep?? We had McCartney tickets for that night!
    We were to meet at 6 pm at the box office of the MGM Grandís Garden Theater, so we left the hotel around 4:30 pm in order to have plenty of time to get there and walk around. The monorail is a GREAT way to travel the strip. Once we got to the box office, we started running into several old friends from earlier MMtours and Vegas trips, and quickly made several new friends from our group!! Almost everyone had a Beatles or McCartney shirt on!
    Danny Levine of Liverpool Productions met everyone personally and gave us all our tickets. We split up for dinner, and made our way into the concert hall. This is a very nice venue Ė I donít think there is a bad seat. And we had GREAT seats!!

    The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm, but the crowd was slow coming in, so I guess it was a good thing that MACCA wasnít on stage until 8 pm. Paul had on a pale blue shirt with a white collar and cuffs, and his now trademark suspenders with a dark suit. He came bounding out with all the energy we have come to expect, and the crowd went wild! Here is the set list.

1) Magical Mystery Tour
2) Juniorís Farm
3) All My Loving
4) Jet
5) Drive My Car
6) Got to Get You Into My Life
7) Sing the Changes (The Fireman)
8) Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix-his infamous story with Clapton and Hendrix)
9) Let Me Roll It (Wings song)
10) The Long and Winding Road
11) Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
12) Maybe Iím Amazed
13) Let ĎEm In
14) Iíve Just Seen a Face
15) And I Love Her
16) Iím Looking Through You
17) Blackbird
18) Here Today (Johnís eulogy)
19) Dance Tonight
20) Mrs Vanderbilt
21) Eleanor Rigby
22) Something (Ukulele beginning for George)
23) Ob-La-Di, Ob-bla-da
24) Band on the Run
25) Back in the U.S.S.R.
26) Iíve Got a Feeling
27) Paperback Writer
28) I understood him to introduce Olivia, Yoko, and the Martins (George and Judy), but Sean was standing next to Yoko, so it was OBVIOUS he was there Ė unless I blanked out and didnít hear when Paul called his name!! And I HEARD him say "family," but didnít hear "Nancy." Also later he acknowledged that Neil Sedaka was also in the audience. Iím still reeling from being in the audience with all these wonderful people!)
29) A Day in the Life/Give Peace A Chance. (BIG shot on the monitors of Yoko, Olivia and Sean waving their arms and singing along)
30) Let It Be
31) Live and Let Die (complete with MAJOR crashes and pyrotecs!!)
Encore #1
32) Hey Jude
Encore #2
33) Day Tripper, Get Back
Encore #3
34) Yesterday, Helter Skelter, Sgt. Pepperís Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise/ The End


    What can I say... UNBELIEVABLE! We all walked out in a daze. Paul did several different numbers (Iíve seen him 6 times in the past two years), but particularly "Maybe Iím Amazed," which Iíd never seen him do live Ė my all-time fave.
    Day two we all met at the newer Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe, very close to the MGM Grand, where we were for Paulís concert. We had a great lunch, then went upstairs for a tour of all the memorabilia, particularly the "Cavern Club" Beatles room. Very impressive.

    Next on our schedule was the live production/tribute group "BeatleShow!" which was just a short walk from the Hard Rock, at the Miracle Mile Mall Shopsí Saxe Theater. This group is made up of Steve Craig as John, Adam Joel as Paul, Glen McCallum as George, and Tony Felicetta as Ringo, and they put on a show starting from the Ed Sullivan show (Ed was played by Paul Terry) all the way through Let it Be/Abbey Road. Steve does a remarkable tribute to John, with "Imagine" on the white piano, and Glen does several amazing George songs that brings a tear to your eye. They're not just one of the best acts in Vegas, they're one of the best Beatle tributes in the world. We met the band afterwards and bought some nice merchandise including signed tambourines.

    After this we made our way down to the Mirage Hotel for the "LOVE" show! I was too excited to eat, so I spent most of my pre-show time checking out the rEVOLolution Lounge and the "LOVE" gift shop at the Mirage! There was also a new 3-D display commemorating LOVE's fifth anniversary. Soon we were allowed to locate our seats, and the music started...

    I have seen the Love show three times before (well, maybe 2Ĺ - we were at the first-ever "Weekend of Love" when, for the first and only time, the show was interrupted due to a false fire alarm and we were all evacuated!), but in the 2 years since we saw it last, it had SO many new things added! If youíve seen the show before, you HAVE to see it again! We were amazed and entertained for the entire time. We finally made our way back to the Riviera with a VERY busy Beatle day behind us.
    Unfortunately, we had a relatively early flight out the next morning, so we missed the farewell lunch at the original Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe on Paradise, but I learned that my favorite person/musician/left handed bass player (aside from Paul that is) joined the group for lunch!! I had met Phil Volk ("Fang" from Paul Revere and the Raiders) at the 2010 ROCK CON last year, and I have never met such a friendly, funny, cute (!), and talented guy! I was SO upset I missed him, but the group loved meeting him as our surprise special guest! Coni, who took the photos accopanying this report, had a picture taken of her with Phil - who has just released an amazing new rocking single - his version of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changing." It's worth "track"-ing down!

    As always, it was a terrific trip, and we look forward to future trips.


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